Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Snowshoeing - Gros Morne Mountain

The snow is quickly disappearing from Gros Morne's high country so on Friday April 9th Bob and I decided to have one last snowshoe adventure for this season. We picked Gros Morne Mountain for our destination.

We managed to hike to the base in hiking boots despite there being some snow on the trail. It wasn’t until we reached the gully just beyond the base of the mountain that we needed snowshoes. The snow was deep and soft so the snowshoes prevented us from sinking and also provided traction on the steeper pitches.

As soon as we made our way out of the gully and on to Gros Morne Mountain’s flat summit we saw seven caribou. They were digging through the light layers of snow foraging for food. We continued across the mountain to overlook Ten Mile Pond Fjord, looped back to the summit and returned down the gully.

Spring has arrived about a month earlier this year. There is very little snow on the trails and in the mountains and there is no ice in Bonne Bay. Our next adventure will likely be in kayaks!


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